Here are what some of our clients say about us.

I have recently been recruited to lead an effort to improve service levels in Coram's Totowa location. One of the challenges needing to be addressed is delivery services. Without hesitation I contacted LMV Logistics. Based on their stellar reputation and having  utilized their services in turning around delivery challenges, in my prior role as Director of Pharmacy, I knew they would deliver.

LMV has once again come through for me and has become an integral part of our healthcare provider team. I continue to receive compliments from our patients on their promptness, courtesy and helpfulness.

On a daily basis I have many concerns about service levels in our provision of healthcare, but having deliveries handled appropriatly is no longer one of them.

Richard Hilway, R.PH.
Director of Pharmacy Service

I Have been using LMV Logistics corp. for the past 6 years as my courier for all my deliveries for my homecare patients.
Our patients have written me regarding their services and how impressed they are with them. They take time to put the drugs away, pick up any leftovers, and remove the cardboard boxes. I can only echo my patients' sentiments and add that I have never been disappointed with their services. From top to bottom, their organization is top notch.

I have often called them to schedule all types of deliveries, Stats, Weekend, Evening, find out where a particular package may be, discuss next day's schedule. Honestly, they have never disappointed me. I often wonder how I can better my department in order to be as organized as LMV Logistics.

Carlos M Marin, PD,FASCP
Director of Pharmacy services

LMV Logistics have been working with us for the last year. During that period of time, we have never had a complaint from any of our clients and have agreed to expand our contract with LMV because of their exceptional service. The drivers that work for their company go above and beyond customer service with each and every client hospital we service. In addition, the drivers contact us if they notice inventory levels are too high or too low, the amount of product being moved in the facility and customer satisfaction.

No Matter what time we call for a delivery, everyone that works with us is cheerful, easy to work with and extremely professional. We never have to track down a driver to find out if all deliveries were accepted for the day. Our hospital clients have commented regularly how professional and service oriented the drivers are.

Our delivery service is unique in the fact that we have many urgent deliveries, large volume and high expectations from our pharmacy purchasers.

It is a pleasure doing business with a group of individuals who are invested in exceptional customer service and going the extra mile for our hospital patients.

Victoria Barnett
Director of Sales