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About Us

           LMV Logistics mission is to provide our clients:

Ability to outsource your delivery needs while maintaining the high level of service that  exceeds industry standards.
• Piece of mind that once your important package leaves the facility, it will be done in the manner which best reflects our client to their customer.
• Knowledge that your package will be delivered with the highest quality care, service, and confidentiality.
• Climate of cooperation and collaboration with your clinical/distribution team to ensure the provision of excellent care and service.
• With specially trained, professional, and dedicated personnel that meets our high level of standards.
• Ethical in our business practice as a provider of a medical delivery service.

LMV Logistics Team

          Our dedicated team of experienced and professional personnel:

Have been in existance since 2002.
• Delivering strictly for the medical Industry.
• Know what it takes to handle a wide array of medical deliveries.
• Conform to the strict standards of JCAHO, ACHCCAP, HIPAA, OSHA, and DOT.
• Trained and Certified for Hazmat.
• Trained in Universal precaution and chain of custody procedures
• Navigation,GPS and handheld electronic delivery system for up to the minute updates.
• None-descript company uniforms and vehicles for patients privacy rights
• Identification tags
• Bonded and Insured
• Extensive driving and background check.
• Quarterly meetings to update and and review procedures


We provide service in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,
Pennsilvania, Maryland,Virginia and Florida.